Brightspace Binder

Brightspace Binder is a powerful and intuitive document reader that enables you to interact with PDF, Microsoft® Office files and much more, right on your tablet device. Equipped with essential annotation and organization tools, D2L Binder helps you get the most from the learning experience whenever and wherever it's convenient.


I.  Stay Connected to Course Documents

  • Fetch from Binder: Missing an important course document? No problem. Directly from the app you can easily browse through courses, modules and topics, and import with a single tap.
  • Send to Binder: Already in the D2L Learning Environment? No surprise there. With the Send to Binder action, you can instantly push course documents directly to the app.


II.  Take Study Notes With Ease

  • Essential Annotations: The interactive Annotation Wheel gives you the personalization you require with highlights, text notes, underlines, strikethroughs, or freehand notes.
  • Supports your Favorite Documents: The responsive Document Viewer quickly loads, pans and zooms even the largest PDF and Microsoft® Office files and more.


III. Keep Organized

  • Prioritize: Gain perspective on what documents are new and assign rank by marking as favorite.
  • Tag: Assign personalized document tags or let the app do it for you through automatic tagging based on the course of origin.
  • Search: Search through text, bookmarks, or annotations to quickly find what you’re looking for.
  • Archive: Archive completed documents to streamline your catalog.
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