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Forsina platform is designed to help your students learn faster and memorize longer

Forsina improves student engagement, memory retention, and decision-making ability, through stimulating all of their senses during the learning process.

Forsina platform is what your students and faculty members need today. The following are some of the potential applications of Forsina Virtual Platform in your university

  • Improving student learning by enabling them to readily use immersive VR technology to explore and learn about the human body.
  • Allowing professors to hold group lectures in the virtual setting in which the students and the instructor can interact with the model to enhance the learning experience.
  • Learning anatomy can be done in a safe environment without the risk of being exposed to toxic substances and infections.
  • Assessing students can be done seamlessly with the integrated ‘Forsina Assessment’ which offers a full online examination system and data storage.
  • Introducing high-end technology to students, conditioning them early to be technology-friendly and look for innovative alternatives.

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