2018 Associates Program

Imagine, Design, Engage, Act

May 23-June 19, 2018


Application Guidelines and Selection Criteria


Selection Criteria

  • Current employed in a library, information center, or archive, with minimum three years’ experience.

  • Commitment to furthering the Mortenson Center's goal within the participant's own country.

  • Willingness and ability to share what is learned while at the Mortenson Center with others in the participant's home country.

  • Participants should be fluent in conversational English and possess a reading knowledge of English. This program is delivered in English only. 

  • Excellent communication skills.

  • Demonstrated commitment of the participant's home institution to supporting sharing activity (training seminars, workshops, etc.).



  • Each institution has the right to nominate two applicants for the grant, one main and a reserve applicant.

  • Library, information or archiving professional, in the Arab world, and a national of an Arabic state. (applicants to the last grant, excluding grant winners, are eligible to apply again).

  • Priority will be given to members of the Special Libraries Association – Arabian Gulf Chapter, whether those members are the applicants themselves or the institutions they represent.

Application Instruction

  • Scans and electronic documents sent by online application are preferred.
  • Applications must be complete, received within stated deadline, and include all required attachments. Applications will be treated with the strictest confidence.
  • The Mortenson Center reserves the right to verify all information given in the application.

  • Application must be submitted in English along with supporting documentation in order to be considered.
  • Participants must be prepared to work as team members with other Mortenson Center program participants and to participate as required by the program.
  • Associates will not be permitted to join the program late or depart early.


Supplemental Materials

Kindly attach the supplemental materials listed below in order to apply for the 2018 Associates Program:

1. Curriculum Vitae

Please provide a current Curriculum Vitae in English which details your professional activities (i.e. professional and work experience, activities (affiliations, memberships, and conference participation), awards, honors, and publications)..

2. Letter of Recommendation

The Letter of Support must be submitted in English. The Letter of Support should be written by a supervisor who is familiar with you and your work, and can evaluate your ability to participate in the Mortenson Center Associates Program. Family members are not eligible to write a Letter of Support. The Letter of Support must have an original signature..

3. Copy of Passport Identification Pages with a clear personal photo

The application will not be complete without a copy or electronic scan of your passport..

4. English Language Proficiency Supporting Documentation

If English is not among the official languages of your country, you must send proof of your English language proficiency, and there will be a Skype interview with Mortenson Center staff.


The following documents will be required from the final  Nominees.

5. A pledge to submit a professional report on the program

Successful candidates will be required to make a commitment in writing, endorsed by the institution they represent, to submit a professional report on the program within one month of completing it.

.6.  A pledge to complete the entire program.

The applicant undertakes to bear the financial cost of the granted scholarship in the event of non-completion of the entire course due to either unexpected circumstances or negligence on his part. The grant committee will estimate the value based on the justifications provided for the failure to complete.


Dates and Deadlines

  • Program activities will begin on May 23, 2018. The last day of program activities will be June 19, 2018.

  • 2018 Mortenson Center Associates Program Webinar, on November 28, 2017, 8-9 a.m. CT (2-3 p.m. GMT, Riyadh, 5-6 p.m. AST).  Join us for this interactive session to learn about the program at: (It is recommended to use the Chrome browser, or another browser with Flash Player installed).
  • The final deadline for application submissions is December 15, 2017.
  • The grant winners will be announced during the closing ceremony of the SLA–AGC conference, to be held on March 6–8, 2018, in Muscat, Oman.





Application form is closed!

Thank you, everyone, applicants' forms is revising now, and we will inform the grant's winners during 2, or 3 weeks.